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Cherry Fruit,Tree
and History

Know where to buy cherry fruit and tree, and how the Cherry Festival started

The Cherry Capital of the World, Situated in the scenic panorama of the Eastern
Free State.

known as the Mountain Kingdom or Kingom in the Sky, holds a wealth of different experiences...

Iis a perennial vegetable native to Western Europe.
It is a member of the lily family.

Butternut and Cherry Dish
Danish Cherry Tart
Cherry Caulis

The very successful Cherry Festival 2012 is behind us and, apart from the planning for this year's event, the organising committee has already started the build-up for 50th Cherry Festival to be held in four years' time.

The Cherry Festival's Golden Anniversary will take place in 2017 and Ficksburg can look back with pride on a festival which has grown from very modest beginnings in 1968 to be one of the major events on South Africa's tourism calendar. The ideas which are planted this year will cement the Cherry Festival's place in the annals of this country as the oldest crop festival to be take place without a break in South Africa country.

It has been my privilege to assist in steering the GWK Cherry Festival in this direction with the help of our winning recipe of family values, plus both entertainment and edutainment which, I am sure, will continue to ensure the success of the festival. This region has been hard hit by setbacks over the past two years, which have included the worldwide economic recession and local droughts which have caused our agricultural markets (including cherries and asparagus) to shrink.

However, we believe that the upgrading of roads in the Eastern Free State will bring some measure of relief. The Cherry Festival has long been proud to showcase some of South Africa's top entertainers and we hope that up-and-coming artists will see our stages as a platform from which to launch their careers.

The GWK Cherry Festival takes place this year from 21 to 23 November and promises once again to live up to its stellar reputation.

Accept the dare — come and catch Cherry Fever with us!


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The Cherry Festival invite each and every one of you to visit us during this year's Cherry Festival, from 20 to 22 November 2014, for an unbelievable experience. Come and catch Cherry Fever with us!
cherry festival bok programe

The success of Cherry Festival 2012, during which, despite the dreadful economic climate, no fewer than 22 000 people flocked through the entrance gates, can only be ascribed to meaningful sponsorships, good marketing tactics and substantial media exposure.

The organising committee goes to great lengths each year to ensure that the GWK Cherry Festival is well-represented at the tourism Indaba and various travel shows and to make sure that the festival gets its fair share of media coverage.

We have partnered with certain universities in a number market research surveys to ensure that we remain right on point. We have shown, too, that being creative with a limited budget does have its pay-offs! As we gear up for the Cherry Festival's Golden Anniversary in 2017, we will be rolling out the red carpet to continue to bring the best of South African talent to you.

Our website gets 40 000 hits per year and we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletters. We also assure you that we are open to any suggestions for making the festival even better.
Make an investment in time and read about Ficksburg and the Eastern Free State and visit our alternative website — you will be amazed!


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Festival Countdown


         NOVEMBER                                     |||
We’ve decided not to take part in the world recession and are ready, willing and able to bring you a totally “new” Cherry Festival!...
One of the most difficult things to do is to maintain a good brand name and the Cherry Festival is no exception.

Following a survey last year in which people were asked to rate this annual event, the organising committee and I decided that it was in our own interests to re-develop the festival to include all aspects of family entertainment, so look out for this facet at the 2012 festival.

Attending exhibitions like the Getaway Show and Indaba have been very useful as platforms to introduce our festival to the rest of South Africa. .. As a festival, we are very open to criticism and always try to react in a positive way to make changes and bring you only the best.

Make sure to diarise the Cherry Festival for November and enjoy a magical experience with us.


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